Hacking-Lab Linux System

Please use the Hacking-Lab Kali Linux for solving Hacking-Lab challenges. Download and import the provided OVA into VirtualBox and start solving Hacking-Lab riddles and security challenges.

Download HL Linux System for the following Host OS

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Need help with the installation?

Please read install instructions in EN, DE, FR

Package List

The HL Distro is based on the latest Kali distribution with a preconfigured XFCE window manager and 64-bit support. The HL distro will *NOT* run on a 32 bit system.

  • Penetration Testing Tools
  • Web Security Tools (Burp, ZAP)
  • Forensic Tools
  • Crypto Tools
  • Reverse Engeering Tools
  • Mobile App Security Tools
  • Modified Apache Landing Page Server