Connecting to the vulnerable network in Hacking-Lab is very important for most HL users. Most challenges are client/server based and the server is somewhere hosted in the VPN protected HL lab. The Hacking-Lab LiveCD makes it really easy for you to connect. With it's Single-Sign-On concept in Hacking-Lab, one could connect to the VPN gateway using exactly the same credentials as in Hacking-Lab.


Please note; you must have a valid Hacking-Lab account before you can connect using VPN

Step by Step

  1. Right-click on the VPN icon
  2. Username = e-mail address you use when logging into
  3. Password = password you use when logging into
  4. The VPN icon blinks yellow while the connection is being established
  5. The VPN icon turns green once the connection is up and running
  6. Test your connection with ping
  7. Test your connection with ping